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Teaser Tuesday: Home With You

Well hello there! We’re knee-deep in boxes over here (actually that’s a total lie. We’re hiding out, sitting at the kitchen table while packers pack everything we own—except liquids and batteries natch—and pretending to do important things so we aren’t in the way). Hard to believe our time here is done and we’re off to a new adventure less than eleven months after we got here!


But today, because I just finished my second-to-last read-through of my fourth book, and because my amazing photographer and cover designer for the Rambler series is shooting the book four cover this weekend, I thought today’s teaser should be from that book! It’s out in August, so not too much longer to wait, anyway.

If you read the sneak peek at the end of Don’t Stop Now, you know book 4, Home With You, is the story of Erin Kelly and Major Reese Flint, both of whom you’ve met in the Rambler Battalion Series.

This is a conversation between Bec, Erin Kelly’s closest friend, and Erin, discusses Major Reese Flint:

Bec took a giant bite of steak and started talking before she’d swallowed. “So, tell me about Major Sexypants. Because I don’t recall the last time I saw a man that attractive.”

I coughed, swallowing wrong, and took a drink once I could. “I—you know about him. You’ve met him several times, haven’t you?”

“Yes, but it’s been a while. I met him when they all got home, and Ben has talked about him a lot. I think I saw him when he came in to the ed center last winter, but I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever seen him up close when I could absorb what was happening. That day I saw him talking to you I only noticed his height. Any other time I’ve seen him it’s been from far away, or I was distracted… so I haven’t gotten the full effect.” She wiggled her eyebrows at me and gave me a grin as she took a bite of salad.

“What effect is that?” I asked, trying to sound oblivious even though I was fully aware of what she meant.

“Oh, you know. The hot, wild, grizzled older man just waiting to ravish you effect,” she said nonchalantly.

“What? He’s—wow. There’s so much wrong with that.” I laughed.

“Nothing is wrong with that, Erin. Absolutely nothing.” She watched me rolling my eyes at her and laughing at her with a serious face. “I see you laughing, but you know it’s true. He’s gorgeous in a rangy, wolfish kind of way, isn’t he? Like he’s been hungry for years, and you’re the only thing that can satisfy.”

I tell ya, I love Bec. She’ll get her own book eventually, just you wait. You’ll get to know her in book 4 AND 5, so she’ll be around! But oh, Erin and Reese! I love them. I hope you will too.

Happy Tuesday! Time for a walk around the house so I’m not totally oblivious to what’s happening!


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