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It has been a minute.

Well hello!

I’ve been an entirely negligent poster here—woops! The last year has been insane. The fifth and final book of The Rambler Battalion released, and then the first THREE books from The Silver Ridge Resort Series also came out! In just a few weeks that series will wrap up with Fire and Ice at Silver Ridge.

Oh also? I had a baby.

That may or may not have something to do with my absence here.

I can tell you I feel relieved my brain can still function well enough to write. The third book in the Silver Ridge Series, Patrolling for Love at Silver Ridge, was written completely post-partum. One of my big fears about post-baby life was that my mind would be total mush and writing a novel would become a dream again. While it took my about three times as long as it normally would to write the book, IT HAPPENED! And so far, people seem to enjoy the book, so that’s a relief.

The last book in Silver Ridge Resort Series has easily been the most difficult. If you’ve read the first three, you can easily guess why—Leonie Morrison is NOT an easy woman to like, and you can bet writing her has been a unique challenge. That said, I’ve been looking forward to writing her book since before I ever wrote the first word of the series—she was the character I had in mind when I thought up the series.

As the fourth book in series heads into the final edits with my editor, I’m planning the next series—The OCONUS Bonus series. I’m really excited to set a military romance series in Europe, and I’ve already started the first book. Y’all, this one is going to FUN.

I hope you’re keeping your head above water in these odd days of 2020, and I hope you’ll be in touch. Come find me on Instagram or Facebook, or e-mail me. Make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter so you get new release alerts and exclusives!

Much love,

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